Earlier today, I had this sweet, warm, delicate post written about how I feel my work changing. It was an announcement of sorts, a warning if you will, about the fact that I'm not actually here to help you tidy your houses. My work is about teaching you how to heal yourself so you can stop fucking around and GO BE THE HEALING FORCE FOR GOOD IN THE WORLD THAT YOU CAME HERE TO BE! I was going to tell it softly, as to not alarm. I've always had so much resistance to it looking like I'm using fear to sell.   Anyway, so I had it all typed up and I went to get a haircut and I came back and opened my laptop and saw news that so deeply offends my senses that I deleted my message.   We're past that now. So here we go. Real talk.   We have run out of time. The world is on fire in a thousand different ways. We need all who wish to participate in the loving transformation of the world to tend their bullshittery that consumes their sacred resources (time, energy, passion, money, brain power, creativity, etc.). We have to release our attachments to things and old wounds. We need to finish this work. It's time to move on to what we came to this planet in this lifetime to do.   I'm about to close registration on the workshops that I use to help people free themselves from the bullshittery. I now believe that this is the last time I will offer the Travel Lightly Project. (I have no idea if I'll continue offering space healing workshops or not but at least there's  the book. ) If you need something radical to shake up your life, say yes to this work. Because your life matters now.   Here's my offer:  If you want to join the Travel Lightly Project,  do that here .   If you can't yet commit to the 6-month experience, then consider the  21-Day Space Healing Workshop . I'm offering it at $21, that is literally one dollar a day to help you change your life. Register  here . Note: If we are not already Facebook friends,  send me  a friend request so I can add you to the FB group.   Do this. I'm being strongly called to move forward into deeper work and I want you to come, too. The world is waiting for you. You are worth it. Yes, I'm sure.  Note: Registration for both workshops (TLP includes the 21-Day Space Healing workshop) will close at sunset today, June 19, 2017.

Nearly nine years ago, I started life coaching school and this business at the same time. I finished my coursework within a year and almost immediately began to unravel myself from the structure of life coaching in order to have to freedom to evolve into the version of my work that it has become. (Is becoming?) It took years to release the title of life coach and even more years to change the name of the business (from Seeds & Weeds Coaching to The Unruly Woman). I never did settle on a title for what I do and have finally made peace with the fact that I don't need one. It's all coming together quite nicely.

But I still get emails from my school. I loved my coaching school. I am grateful for its part it getting me here and where I am now headed. I really adore the perfectly human dude who runs the place because he does.the.work as well as anybody back then. I always want to read the coaching school's emails when they hit my inbox but I either don't make space (which we know means it's no longer true and we can release it) or I open it and my insides churn and steer me away from the contents.

My heart just can't take the ways the self-help industry--MY industry--manipulates people. I don't want to be manipulated and I refuse to manipulate others into working with me. I'm not going to use fear to get you to say yes to something you don't need. I'm not going to be propelled by greed, or even my need for financial security. I'm not going to do most of what people say I have to do to make this business successful.

If I'm not good enough at my job, or if there aren't enough people who want the kind of support that I offer, or if Who I Am is not magnetic enough to draw Unrulies in when I just be myself in the world, then I'm fine with that. I just want to be useful and if I'm not being useful enough to make a living, I'm not going to manipulate you into thinking I am. If betraying Unrulies is the only way to get what I need, I'd rather just go work at the market and fill in the spaces with those few who still prefer and believe in me and my work.

This stuff gets me all worked up. *deep breath* So back to the school...

I'm especially drawn the the emails that come from the aforementioned dude. I always want to open them. ALWAYS. I really want him to market to my heart, to teach me how to be This Thing That I Am in a way that allows me to help more people heal their stories so they can be who they came to this world to be. 

Today, he landed in my inbox again. Ever hopeful, I clicked and found this:

"Professional Life Coaching is now a $1+ Billion / year field!

Quick math: 10,000 coaches earning $100,000 per year = $1Billion / year

We have been building up our profession for 20+ years and are now poised for rapid growth because humanity wants what REAL coaches do!"

Just no. I can't keep doing this with you. Thank you for the structure, for teaching me about the healing power of hard questions, long pauses, and attentive listening. Thank you for the foundation that life coaching has become for my work in the world. Thank you for being so incredibly persistent all of these years because it's been well established that it takes me seven years to release people and situations that are no longer true for me, to give up on the hope of them evolving with me.

Unsubscribe. Finally.

There is much freedom in unsubscribing. No fighting. No bitterness. Just letting go. This school, their model, their inspirational leadership is no longer true for me. I'm releasing my grip on them and him, honoring that their way is not my way. In this, I get to continue down my road in peace and with space to welcome more true teachers. And they get to do the same.

(And yes, this is true even if that person is me.)

Do you have any of these emails in your inbox? What is so misaligned for you that your stomach churns when you click? Is there someone that no longer feels true for you? Are you ready to release them? Are you ready to allow someone to release you if that's what feels true? I'd love to hear from you on this. If you need support, I'm here.

Photo by Nilotpal Kalita on Unsplash