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Private sessions with me is a powerful, straightforward option to help you get relief. It will leave you feeling reconnected to yourself and your truth. A 60-minute intuitive reading can be used to explore whatever hurts, confuses, overwhelms, or just isn’t working the way you want it to. A 60-minute session is $125, plus multiple session package and subscription discounts are available. Email me to schedule a session.

"Christy made sense of my rambling, was able to reflect back to me my exact feelings, encourage me, and then give me clear direction on how to take back my life. She gave me clear steps on how to get control of my feeling overwhelmed and offer concrete steps on how to grow my business." - Felicia Terry

The only agenda I bring is to support you exactly where you are on the day of our session. Each session begins with me literally asking what you want to do with our time together. If you come without a specific agenda, which many clients do, I will ask a few powerful questions to get us moving in the right direction. You are welcome to bring multiple items to explore. And we'll have 60 minutes to play or as long as it takes to get you the answers you need. A private session will help you clarify action steps for you to take after our collaboration. 

  • Relationship challenges--includes non-traditional relationships

  • Recovery and other major lifestyle changes

  • Caregivers--children with special needs and other loved ones who lean heavily upon you

  • Spiritual and creative journey support

  • Space Healing

  • Grief and rebuilding after the death of a loved one

  • Forgiveness

  • Travel lightly project--a whole life simplification to make space for you and your truth

When you choose ongoing support, we can tend the fires that first brought you here but also begin the sacred and magical work of making space in your life to build something new and more true. The 12 session package can be used weekly for three months or you can space them out bi-weekly for six months. You have an entire year to use them however you wish. What I find works best for many people is to begin with weekly sessions for four or six weeks, then bi-weekly for a couple of sessions, and then as needed. As we work together, you will gather tools and reconnect with your self, so more time will pass between you need that additional support from me.

The annual package is an option I created by request a few years ago. It means having weekly sessions with me for a year and it has proven to be radically life-altering. Lots of "experts" would tell me to craft elaborate, detailed programs for you to choose from, cookie cutter offerings that will tell you what you need and urge you to say yes (or else), but I'm not going to do that. If YOU want to make a long-term commitment to this work, you deserve a custom program that will allow you to cultivate the exact clarity, healing, and transformation you desire. Whether this is about you learning to travel lightly in one or two areas or a survey of your entire life, you deserve support that meets you exactly where you are and journeys in the direction you mean to go. 

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