Unruly confessions / Unsigned mail

Submit your Unruly Confession & Unsigned Mail here. All submissions will remain anonymous.

Unruly Confessions

is a safe way to shine light on the dark secrets that keep us stuck. Use this to speak the unspeakable, anonymously let some steam off, and unload that which you simply can’t bear to share anywhere else. Trust me, it helps.

Unsigned Mail - Question (with Blog Response)

is a safe way to ask The Unruly Woman for advice. I select a handful of submission questions to address, so make sure to look for my response on the Blog, as I won’t be able to respond directly. Because anonymous.

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*Some Unruly Confessions and Unsigned Mail (with my responses) will be anonymously published on my blog and in INCITE, my attempt to incite unruliness in our community via email. Register for the INCITE Email newsletter to spice up your inbox!