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The 3-Month Thing

Now let me guess… Another day is coming to a close and you never got to the YOU part of your to-do list. It’s so easy to say you want to make that change. The only problem is that your commitments to everyone else easily consume all you have to give. Do you feel called out?

You are not alone.

Unrulies get stuck taking care of everyone else. That’s why I created The 3-Month Thing. It’s designed to help put YOU back on your list. It’s a step-by-step process for going from postponed indefinitely to high priority. Whatever it is that you need to make space for in your life, I’ve got you covered.

Want to stop screwing around? Let’s do this.

What if I don’t know what I want to focus on during The 3-Month Thing?

That’s okay. We can figure it out together. Here’s a list of ideas. Read them and notice the way your brain/body responds. Do one (or more) of them resonate for you? If not, what do they bring up?

Heal your physical space
Write the.damn.thing.
Establish daily writing practice
Tend your physical body
Change jobs
Slay your backlog
Do your damn physical therapy
Create [the art of your choice]
Cultivate self-love
Actively heal the relationship you have with yourself/another/others
Tend your finances
Learn how to [insert whatever you’ve been meaning to learn]
Start/get back to using a bullet journal or other time management/life planning system
Spiritual studies or establish daily rituals

What if I need/desire additional support?
You can purchase discounted private sessions to use during this season. Email me for details.

The Details:

This workshop is intentionally designed to accommodate those who have lots of commitments, big messes, and a shortage of time. I’m not afraid of your limitations—physical, mental, relational, energetic, emotional, or otherwise. Working with me means your reality will be accommodated.

We will set weekly intentions. They will help you focus.

You can’t change your whole life in one fell swoop; you can only change just the very next thing in front of you. We will figure out your best approach week after week to keep you moving forward, without drowning you.

We will strive for daily action. It will help you cultivate change.

We will find the small spaces in each day (and large ones when you need them) to take the action you want to take.

We will have group calls. They will help you move through the resistance and barriers.

We will have group calls on Saturdays at 11:00 am CT. You don’t have to attend these calls, but they really help. All calls will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend live.

We will meet online in a private Facebook group. It’s epic.

I’ve seen how radically different your experience can be if you participate. I know that what’s going to happen in there is worth signing in for and staying connected. It’s where you’ll report daily action, ask questions of me, and where I’ll share tips and brainstorm solutions unique to your situation. (If you prefer daily accountability and support via text instead of in the FB group, I can do that. Just let me know.)

This is a virtual support system. You can be wherever you are.

This is a guided experience, but it is incredibly flexible. If you have a vacation planned, take it. We’ll still be kicking ass when you return. In fact, my approach can be returned to after a break for vacation, unwellness, romantic distractedness, creative benders, drunken stupors, and the remarkably common “I don’t want to do this” detour. Yes, that means it’s 100% compatible with real life. Note: The quicker you make it back the better your outcomes are going to be.

The 3-Month Thing begins November 1st. Will you join me?

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