The Travel Lightly Project

Travel Lightly is a robust, 6-month workshop journey. This project is guaranteed to be a deeply transformative experience. As you learn to make your space, it will make you right back... allowing you to open the door to the second layer, which is to heal your heart. Heart healing is about releasing the beliefs, habits, behaviors, and sometimes even relationships that no longer serve you.

This workshop is about propelling yourself out of the 'stuckness', with your own two hands. All while knowing that you have the support you need to make it happen. Plain and simple, the faster you walk, the quicker you’ll arrive—and this is a program for those of you who are prepared to put forth the effort, determined to get the work done, and to be able to Travel Lightly. Due to the intensity, this round of the Travel Lightly Project is limited to 18 people and I’m seeking those who are truly determined to do the work. I want to connect with each of you briefly by phone to confirm that this program is a good match for you at this time. You can message me here to schedule that conversation before you commit to TLP, or I will follow up after I receive your registration. 

Register for the Upcoming Workshops:

Jun - Nov 2017

Jan - Jun 2018


What's Included:

  • The 21-Day Space Healing IntensiveTo get us started, members will get a jump start on the six-month journey by taking the basic space healing workshop. It will introduce you to my approach and get you (along with other household members) into action, and lay a solid foundation for your project experience.
  • Private Sessions: Every member will have at least one private session with me each month (and up to four depending on the package you choose) to help personalize the journey as it unfolds and release barriers that will inevitably rise. You can learn more about private sessions here.
  • Weekly Group Sessions: During the 21-day Space Healing Intensive, the weekly group sessions will be by phone on Wednesdays @ 8:30pm Central Time and on Fridays @ 11:00am CT (these days/times are set for the first 21 days only... weekly group sessions will continue from July - November at different times, to accommodate a variety of schedules). These calls are immeasurably helpful but not “required”, so if you can’t attend live, rest assured they will be recorded for you to listen to later.
  • Virtual Support: There will be a private Facebook group for accountability, connection, and support on a daily basis throughout the journey. This space will be yours for the entire year because the evolution will continue beyond the workshop!
  • Travel Lightly Handbook: Your copy of "Is Home Your Happy Place?" The Unruly Woman’s Guide To Space Healing will be on its way once you commit to this journey!
  • Daily Action Challenges: The Travel Lightly Project is about taking action—small, consistent, doable action regularly enough to cultivate the necessary change in the six months we have to work together.