Everything is different now.

Hello Unruly One,
New beginnings are what's on my mind today. "The baby" is graduating from high school and the kids are moving into their own apartment at end of the summer. This means a new place for The Beautiful One and me to live—an opportunity to make space for what we want next by releasing what no longer serves us. Yes, I'm still talking about living simply in order to live what feels true for us. 

I've built my life around these children for nearly 20 years. I know that I'll still be a mom and they'll still be around, but life is changing fast. As they do more for themselves, I have more space to pursue my dreams, tend to my body, and tend to my life! Even The Unruly Woman website is fresh, with a brand new look and feel, growing to meet me where I am today—craving deeper work and more sustainable collaborations with those who are serious about releasing their attachments to things and old wounds. Plus the second round of the life-altering Travel Lightly Project begins soon. Like I said... new beginnings. Everything is different now.

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Love and truth to you, —Christy (The Unruly Woman)