How about I come to your house for a month to help you get caught up? 

Clients and friends have been asking me for this for years. Short of a breakthrough in cloning technology, there's just no way. Sure, we'd have a great time but at one month per house, I'd miss the next ten years of my home life and you know that home is my happy place.

The good news is that I have a backup plan! It's happening this summer and you can participate from your place while I support you from mine. No, I won't be able to hold the trash bag but phones, email, and a private Facebook group will make it feel like I'm almost there.

Bringing your life back into balance is hard.
You deserve support. 

Why simple? 
Simple because less is the solution when life is too much. Modern life has morphed into a monster that is simply unsustainable. Many Unrulies are paralyzed under the weight of ever expanding backlogs. Catching up, outsourcing, or letting go are the only ways out but I'm guessing those aren't your strong suits. In your old way, there isn't enough time to do what needs to be done on any given day so there wasn't enough space to catch up. I want to help you create a new way, a sustainable way, a path forward that you can believe in.

Why season? 
This is a three month experience because in order to cultivate real, long term, sustainable change you need to be able to take small actions in a regular way over an extended amount of time. Also summer means outdoor fun, family gatherings, festivals, sports, vacation, and whatever else you can squeeze into the longest days of the year. You need enough time in the midst of all of that to survey all of the areas of your life, make decisions, and take whatever action is necessary to free yourself from this chaos.

I think summer is a good time to do this work for a few reasons. For the physical space healing, releasing is easier in the summer (at least compared to dragging an old dresser to a curb covered by two feet of snow as is the case here in Minnesota). And it's yard sale season should you choose to go that route. You can focus on releasing bullshittery from schedules, relationships, budgets, computers, and anywhere else it pops up. If your household includes young people, take advantage of the alternative schedule to enlist their participation. 

Remember that this summer is going to pass one way or the other. How do you want your life feel when September rolls around?

Simple Season can help you free yourself. Join us today. 

Register for Simple Season: A Master Class In Letting Go

Registration closing
June 22nd


What's Included:

We will have group calls. They motivate you.

We will begin June 4, 2018. During Simple Season, weekly group sessions will be held by phone on alternating Wednesdays @ 8:00 pm Central Time and on Saturdays @ 11:00 am CT beginning Wednesday Jun 6th.  All calls will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend live.

We will have challenges. They move you forward.

You can’t change your whole life; you can only change just the very next thing in front of you. I will craft action steps for you that keep you moving forward, without drowning you. 

We will meet online in a private Facebook group. It’s epic.

I’ve seen how radically different your experience can be if you participate. I know that what’s going to happen in there is worth signing in for and staying connected. It’s where I’ll post challenges every day, where you’ll ask questions of me and your peers, and where I’ll share tips and brainstorm solutions unique to your situation. This group will be archived October 1st. 

We will collaborate as much or as little as you need. Support is everything.

You will have the option to add private sessions at registration for a significantly discounted rate. Throughout the Simple Season extra sessions are discounted to $99 (reg $125). Private sessions help personalize the journey. You can learn more about private sessions here.

This is a virtual workshop. You can be wherever you are.

This is a guided experience, but it is incredibly flexible. If you have a vacation planned, take it. We’ll still be kicking ass when you return. In fact, the Simple Season methods can be returned to after a break for vacation, unwellness, romantic distractedness, creative benders, drunken stupors, and the remarkably common “I don’t want to do this” detour. Yes, it’s 100% compatible with real life.