Travel lightly through what lies ahead by releasing attachments to things and old wounds.

Perhaps you’ve heard of my space healing work. It’s about releasing from our physical space what no longer serves us. It allows us to make space for what’s true, what’s next, that which we want in our lives. Space healing not only makes home a happy place, it also cultivates healing. It strengthens decision making, exposes unhelpful coping mechanisms, and helps us reconnect with our intuition and our voice.

CONFESSION: Space healing is transformational but sometimes it’s just not enough.

After all these years, I can see that space healing simply cannot reach the hardest, heaviest burdens some are carrying around—anger, depression, and resentments toward others and ourselves. I spent last year studying the Enright Process Model of Psychological Forgiveness, a tool that we will use to cultivate the next layers of healing.

Reclaiming Lightness is a 3-week, small group experience for those who are ready to release old wounds. We are taking a deep dive into the Enright model using our own experiences to make sense of the model. We will dig into our old stories, the times when we were deeply hurt by others, in order to release the resentments and coping mechanisms we leaned on to survive those painful experiences.

Register for Reclaiming Lightness:

October 7th!


"It feels so empowering to live in a space that FEELS good! Thank you for guiding me with your wit, wisdom and unruly encouragement." - Becky Schmitz


The Details:

The Enright Forgiveness Process Model works for “people who have been deeply hurt by another, and are caught in a vortex of anger, depression, and resentment.”

When: October 7th to 27th
Max: Eight participants on a first come, first serve basis
Cost: $249, plus discounted private sessions for additional support

Note: This is a short but intense small group experience so please only commit if you are in a position to be truly engaged during this time.

We will have group calls.

We will have group calls on Saturdays at 10:00 am Central and Wednesdays at 8:00 pm Central. Calls will be recorded but shared only pending attendee approval. Please plan to attend.

We will have writing prompts.

The Enright Forgiveness Model is comprehensive model based on decades of scientific study of forgiveness. It’s going to be a study but the writing prompts is how we will integrate this information. They are powerful. Expect to make space for these three times each week.

We will have a private Facebook group.

Plan to participate in this temporary space. This is where you’ll receive the writing prompts, call reminders, support from me, and links to supplemental materials. It will be archived two months after we conclude and deleted at the end of the year.

This is a virtual small group. You can be wherever you are.

This is a guided experience, but (aside from the scheduled group calls) it is quite flexible from day to day. Check in when you have space. Participate when you make space for your healing process.

Reclaiming Lightness begins soon! Will you join us?